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सीएसआईआर-केंद्रीय काँच एवं सिरामिक अनुसंधान संस्थान

CSIR-Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute

Scientist's Profile

Scientists ▸ Debashis Bandyopadhyay
Dr. Debashis Bandyopadhyay

Dr. Debashis Bandyopadhyay

Chief Scientist & Head

Business Development & Publication Division (BDPD)

Contact Information:

Phone: +91-033-23223544
Fax: +91-33-24730957
E-mail: debashisb@cgcri.res.in

Debashis Bandyopadhyay

Joined CSIR-CGCRI on 16th April, 2012

Professional Career

Period Designation Job Description
Aug 2016 – Mar 2017 Officer on Special Duty, IMPRINT India Initiative, Ministry of Human Resource Development at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (on deputation from CSIR) Programme Planning, Ministry Coordination, Programme Dissemination, Project Management
2009 to present Senior Principal Scientist/Principal Scientist at CSIR-CGCRI and CSIR HQ R&D Planning & Policy Studies, Technology Transfer, Intellectual Property Management, Ministry Coordination, Technology Networking, Outreach and Dissemination, Publication, International Cooperation
2005 - 2009 Deputy Registrar & Executive Secretary at the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Department of Science & Technology, Govt of India, Kolkata R&D Planning, Intellectual Property Management, Technology Management, International Cooperation, S&T Outreach
2004 - 2005 Assistant Professor and Head of the Department of Biotechnology, Bengal College of Engineering & Technology, Durgapur Teaching, Departmental Administration
2000 - 2004 S.B. Biswas Post-Doctoral Fellow of Calcutta University; Information Scientist/Scientist-B with Bioinformatics Programme of DBT, Govt of India; Project Executive with Bioinformatics Programme of DOEACC, MeITy, Govt of India Teaching, Curriculum Development, Content Creation, Project Planning, Programme Management, International Cooperation


Degree Discipline University; Year
M.Sc. Biophysics & Molecular Biology University of Calcutta (1992)
Ph.D. Biophysics & Molecular Biology University of Calcutta (2000)
M.B.A. Organizational Behavior & HR IGNOU (2006)
PG Diploma IPR Law National Law School of India (2008)
  • Recipient of D.M. Bose Memorial Prize by the Brahmo Samaj Educational society for standing First among all colleges of the Society in the B.Sc. Hons examination, 1990
  • Recipient of National Merit Scholarship by the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India based on the B.Sc. Hons exams, 1990
  • Recipient of CSIR-UGC NET Fellowship in 1993.
  • Recipient of S.B. Biswas Endowment Post-doctoral Fellowship of the University of Calcutta between 1999-2000 and 2002-03.
  • Recipient of the WHO-UNDP-TDR training fellowship on tropical diseases as the only participant from India in 2005.
  • Selected by the British Council as a participant in the UKIERI Policy Dialogue on Quality Assurance in Higher Education from among India, UK, Australia and New Zealand in 2008.
  • Availed the EU Travel Grant, 2011
  • Received the NIHERST Travel Grant, 2013
  • Received the UNESCO Chair in Technologies for Development Travel Grant, 2018
  • Expert Reviewer in the domain of Intellectual Property Rights for “Journal of Law and Conflict Resolution”
  • Expert Reviewer in panel for “Environment, Development and Sustainability”


  1. Training Programme on Managing Innovation and Technology for Competitiveness, ASCI, Hyderabad (February, 2014)
  2. Training programme for Preparing Cabinet Notes for Directors in the Government of India, New Delhi (February, 2010)
  3. Workshop on IPR and WTO Related Issues, Hyderabad (August, 2006)
  4. WHO-UNDP Workshop on Bioinformatics applied to Tropical Diseases, Bangkok (October, 2005).
  5. Workshop on Application of Perl in Biological Sequence Analysis, Calcutta (December, 2002)
  6. Workshop on Biosafety Issues Related to Genetically Modified Organisms, New Delhi (September, 2002)
  7. Workshop on Computational Methods of Nucleic Acid and Protein Sequence Analysis, New Delhi (March, 2001)
  8. Patent Awareness Workshop, Calcutta (August, 2000)



  • Certified Master Trainer on Lead Trainer QP (QP No-MEP/Q2602) of the Management & Entrepreneurship and Professional Skill Council, National Skill Development Corporation, Government of India (2019-2021)

Conferences (Major ones only)

  1. UNESCO Chair Conference in Technologies for Development – Voices of the Global South, Lausanne, Switzerland (June, 2018)
  2. International Conference on Science & Technology for Economic Diversification, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago (June, 2013)
  3. Indo-EU Science & Technology Cooperation Summit, Vienna, Austria (December, 2011)
  4. Indo-Russian Conference on Socio-Economic and Technological Innovations in the Globalizing World (STIGE-2011): Mechanism and Institutions, New Delhi (November, 2011)
  5. International Congress of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Birmingham, UK (July, 2000)
  6. National Symposium in Radiation and Molecular Biophysics, Mumbai (January, 1998)
  7. MBU Silver Jubilee Symposium in Structural Biology, Bangalore (December, 1996)
  8. All India Cell Biology Congress, Calcutta (February 1996)


Policy Dialogues (Major ones only)

  1.  “Scientists-Journalists Conclave” organized by the CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography, Goa (November, 2017)
  2. “Assuring the Quality of National and Transnational Higher Education Programmes”, Chennai (March, 2008) organized by the UK-India Educational and Research Initiative. 
  3. Partnership Summit 2006 of the Confederation of Indian Industry, Kolkata (January, 2006)


  1. Bandyopadhyay, Debashis: Securing Our Natural Wealth – A Policy Agenda for Sustainable Development in India and its Neighbouring Countries: South Asia Economic and Policy Studies, Springer Nature Singapore (2018) [DOI No: 1007/978-981-10-8872-8; ISBN 978-981-10-8871-1]

Edited Reports:

  1. Clusters and Industrial Development: Building a Regional Innovation System through Technology Facilitation of the MSME Sector [Ed by Bandyopadhyay and I. Biswas], Report No: 20142016-IN, CSIR-CGCRI, (2018)

Report Chapters:

  1. Bandyopadhyay, Debashis (2014): Evaluation of Innovation Clusters in India and the CARICOM: Policy Frameworks and Institutional Mechanisms (Chapter-5), In Papers from Conference on S&T for Economic Diversification (ISBN: 978-976-95273-8-6), NIHERST, St Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago, 33-50

Journals and Periodicals:

  • Bandyopadhyay, D. (2020): Policy Challenges and Opportunities in Post-COVID India, Science & Culture, 86(7-8), 206-213 [DOI: 10.36094/sc.v86.2020.Opportunities_in_Post-COVID.Bandyopadhyay.206]
  • Biswas I. and Bandyopadhyay D., (2014): Sustainability of Clusters — A Case Study of Baruipur Surgicals, ASCI Journal of Management, 44(1): 47-53.
  • Dutta A., Singh S.K., Ghosh P., Mukherjee R., Mitter S. and Bandyopadhyay D. (2006): In-silico identification of potential therapeutic targets in the human pathogen Helicobacter pylori, In-Silico Biol. 6, 43 – 47
  • Bandyopadhyay, D: Molecular Genetics of Human Diseases – Emerging Trends in the Post-Genomic Era, Indian Science Cruiser (2006) 20, 30-33
  • Kundu S., Bandyopadhyay D. and Thakur A.R. (2001): Sequence based structural signatures of genome evolution, J. Biophys. Biochem. 38, 104-106
  • Bandyopadhyay D. and Verma N.C. (1993): Intra and intermolecular quenching of fluorescence of tyrosine –role of hydrogen bonding with solvent, J. Exp. Biol., 31, 967-970

Working Papers:

  1. Farmer Centric Approaches to Sui Generis Intellectual Property Regimes: Lessons from the Indian Experience, 2012 (SSRN Working Paper http://ssrn.com/abstract=2146522)

Conference Papers:

  1. D. Bandyopadhyay (2018): Making Small and Medium Enterprises Compliant with the 2030 Agenda – Public policy perspectives in India, UNESCO Chair Conference in Technologies for Development: Voices of the Global South (27-29 June, 2018), Lausanne
  2. D. Bandyopadhyay (2013): Evaluation of Innovation Clusters in India and the CARICOM – Policy frameworks and institutional mechanisms, International Conference on S&T for Economic Diversification (05-07 June, 2013), Port of Spain
  3. D. Bandyopadhyay, S. Kundu and A.R. Thakur (2000): Phylogenetic trees based on genome flexibility: A new approach in the study of molecular evolution, Abs-566, IUBMB Conference (July, 2000), Birmingham
  4. D. Bandyopadhyay and T. Chakraborty (1998): Kinetic Studies of Zinc Uptake through human placental brush border, National Symposium in Radiation and Molecular Biophysics (January 21-24, 1998), Mumbai
  5. D. Bandyopadhyay and T. Chakraborty (1996): Structure-Function Analysis of Zinc-Alfafetoprotein interactions during human pregnancy, MBU Silver Jubilee Symposium in Structural Biology (December 9-12, 1996), Bangalore
  6. D. Bandyopadhyay, M.Das and T. Chakraborty (1996): Molecular and cellular aspects of zinc mobilization during development and differentiation, All India Cell Biology Conference (23-25 Feb, 1996), Kolkata
  1. Intellectual Property Facilitation Consortium for DST Institutes in Kolkata funded by TIFAC [2007-2009] – As PI
  2. Increasing the Dialogue between India and Europe by Improving EU Awareness and Access to Indian Research and Innovation Technology Programmes – INDIA GATE funded by European Union [2010-2012] – As Co-PI
  3. Establishment and Operationalization of MSME Technology Facilitation Centre by Government of West Bengal [2014-2016] – As PI
  4. Support to TePP Outreach cum Cluster Innovation Centre, Kolkata funded by DSIR [2014-2016] – As PI

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