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History and technological status of khurja pottery cluster

About The Book

Traditional ceramics are ceramic materials that are derived from common, naturally occurring raw materials such as clay minerals, quartz and feldspar. Through various industrial processes such materials are made into products like tableware, clay brick and tile, industrial abrasives and refractory linings, etc. In the area of traditional ceramics, CSIR-Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute, Khurja Centre has continuously been catering to the need of small and medium industries and local potters dealing with ceramic products. However, due to the age old technology that has been practiced to develop such products, the market potential of traditional ceramics had not improved though there is a huge demand for finished high quality products. Because of the lack of adequate information available on the current processing status of traditional ceramics, it was felt necessary to write a comprehensive book on “History and Technological Status of Khurja Pottery Cluster” to help the industry to know the background and fill the gap in this area. This book is aimed at providing a review of the history of pottery industry, pottery clusters, potter families and technological changes in Khurja. I thank the team Khurja Centre and the fellow colleagues for taking effort to write this book in a simple language which will be beneficial for the Pottery and white ware entrepreneurs of Khurja region

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Last Updated on January 3, 2020