सीएसआईआर-केंद्रीय काँच एवं सिरामिक अनुसंधान संस्थान

CSIR-Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute

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सीएसआईआर-केंद्रीय काँच एवं सिरामिक अनुसंधान संस्थान

CSIR-Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute

EOI for Technologies

Standing Advertisement for Expression of Interest

Director, CSIR – Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute, Kolkata (a premier institute of the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India) has the following technologies available for licensing to interested entrepreneurs/industries.

Interested applicants may send their intent to Head, Planning & Project Management Division, CSIR-Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute, Kolkata – 700 032 (E-mail: pmd@cgcri.res.in) in the format as per Annexure – I. Description of the technology is available in Annexure - II.

The EOI received would be scrutinized at regular intervals as decided by Director, CSIR-CGCRI. Further correspondence would be made with firms whose EOI are accepted by CSIR-CGCRI. Director CSIR-CGCRI reserves the right to accept or reject any or all EOI without assigning any reason. Director reserves the right to update/modify content of this call by refreshing the site.

List of Technologies Available for Licensing:

  1. Ceramic Membrane based Technology (Including Process for Media Preparation) for Arsenic & Iron Removal from Groundwater:
  2. Ceramic membrane based high capacity modules for: (A) pretreatment of turbid water for polishing of iron & arsenic contaminated water using micro filtration technique and (B) pretreatment of river water for turbidity and suspended particulate removal
  3. Ceramic Membrane based technology for removal of suspended particulates from tannery wastewater.
  4. Technology for making single cells of anode-supported planar solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC). [Description of the technology]
  5. Technology of Manufacturing Special Glass Beads in the Borosilicate Glass Matrix for Nuclear Waste Immobilization. [Annexure I || Annexure II]
  6. Technology of packaged fiber laser. [Annexure I || Annexure II]
  7. Technology for high alumina refractory aggregates from off grade Indian bauxite. [Annexure I || Annexure II]
  8. Thermally cyclable glass composition for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) [Annexure I || Annexure II]
  9. Technology for As - Se based chalcogenide glass manufacturing and polishing [Annexure I || Annexure II]
  10. Technology for fabrication of specialty refractory pot and manufacturing of high density specialty glass cullet for radiation shielding applications [Annexure I || Annexure II]
  11. Technology for Low cost production of Cement free high strength fly ash based pavement blocks [Annexure I || Annexure II ]
  12. Low Cost Production of Nano Lime for Restoration of Heritage Buildings [Annexure I || Annexure II]
  14. As prepared Bioactive glass (BG) micronanofibre based unique wound care matrix [Annexure I || Annexure II]
  15. Membrane Bioreactor for Wastewater Treatment [Annexure I || Annexure II]
  16. Technology for manufacturing ZTA based ceramic-on-ceramic articulating components for total hip replacement (THR)[Annexure I || Annexure II]
  17. A Unique Antacid API With High ANC, Buffering and Cytoprotective Action [Annexure I || Annexure II]

Download Annexure - I & Annexure - II


Invitation for R&D Collaboration:

  1. Development of commercial prototype of a signal processing system for optical accelerometers/vibration sensors. [Annexure I || Annexure II

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