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CSIR-Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute

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सीएसआईआर-केंद्रीय काँच एवं सिरामिक अनुसंधान संस्थान

CSIR-Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute

Energy Materials & Devices


The increasing demand for maintaining a pollution free environment and an alarming rate of depletion of fossil fuels have intensified the search for clean and efficient power generating systems based on renewable sources of energy and its storage. Realizing this need, a new department, Fuel Cell & Battery (FCB), was formed in CSIR-CGCRI, Kolkata in December 2004. The mandate of the division is to develop viable technologies in different important and upcoming areas in the non-conventional energy sector. The major areas of research in the Division are: solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC), lithium-ion battery (LIB) and mixed ionic and electronic conductor (MIEC) based dense ceramic membrane for gas separation. Activities on Solid Oxide Electrolyser Cell (SOEC) have also been initiated. Within a short span of time the Division has established a world class laboratory necessary for research in advanced areas as mentioned above. The R&D in the area of SOFC technology, in particular, has led to the successful demonstration for the first time in the country of several 500 W class working SOFC stacks developed under CSIR-NMITLI Projects.

Areas of Research

  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC)
  • Lithium-ion Battery (LIB)
  • Mixed Ionic and Electronic Conductor (MIEC) based Dense Ceramic Membrane for Hydrogen and Oxygen Separation
  • Solid Oxide Electrolyser Cell (SOEC)

Technology Developed

  • Anode-supported SOFC single cells of dimensions 10 cm x 10 cm x 1.5 mm
  • Indigenous design and fabrication of metallic bi-polar plates, cell holders and current collectors, associate d gas manifolding systems for SOFC stack
  • Production of Kg level glass-based sealants for SOFC stack and LSM powder with tailor-made particle size distribution for SOFC cathode application.
  • Design and Fabrication of SOFC Stack (500 W class) based on planar design
  • Nano-crystalline ceria-based electrolyte for low temperature SOFC application
  • Nanomaterials for use as LIB cathodes and anodes
  • Fabrication/testing of 2032 coin type Lithium-ion cells
  • Ceramic Separator for Lithium-ion battery


Ongoing Projects

Sl. No. Title of the Project Duration Source of Funding Principal Investigator Co-Investigator (s)
1 Development and Demonstration of 1 kWe SOFC Stack with Reformed Natural Gas and Air 2016-2018 CSIR-NMITLI Dr. R. N. Basu Dr. A. Das Sharma,
Dr. J. Mukhopadhyay & Dr. B. Karmakar
2 Multifunctional Nanocomposite materials for Low-temperature Ceramic Fuel Cells (NANOMFC) 2012-2017 India(DST)-EU New INDIGO SOFC Project Dr. R. N. Basu
3 Innovative Solutions for Solar Energy Storage 2012-2017 CSIR-TAPSUN Dr. R. N. Basu
4 Development of metal-supported SOFC 2012-2017 CERMESA (12FYP Network Project) Dr. A. Das Sharma
(Nodal Officer:
Dr. D. Sanyal)
Dr. R. N. Basu &
Dr. J. Mukhopadhyay
5 Development and Demonstration of Dense Ceramic Membrane-based Technology for Separation of Hydrogen and Oxygen Gases 2016-2019 DST-TSDP Dr. R. N. Basu Dr. A. Das Sharma
6 Ceramic Separator for Li-ion Battery Application 2016-2018 CSIR-FTT Dr. R. N. Basu
7 Development of high performance solid oxide electrolysis cell using novel electrode composition with tailored microstructure 2017-2020 BRNS (DAE) Dr. A. Das Sharma Dr. R.N. Basu

Completed Projects

Sl. No. Title of the Project Duration Source of Funding Principal Investigator Co-Investigator (s)
1. Advancing Biogas Utilization through Fuel Flexible SOFC 2012-2016 DST Dr. R. N. Basu Dr. A. Das Sharma
Dr. J Mukhopadhyay,
Mr. S Nag
2. Development and Demonstration of 500W SOFC Stack with hydrogen as fuel and testing of short stack with synthetic gas 2011-2014 CSIR-NMITLI Dr. R. N. Basu Mr. J Mukhopadhyay,
Dr. A Das Sharma
3. Development of planar SOFC stack using functionally graded anode structure 2011-2014 SERB Dr. R. N. Basu Mr. J. Mukhopadhyay,
Dr. A. Das Sharma
4. Upgradation Of Expertise Base of R&D Activity on SOFC Materials at Energy Research Institute,KACST, Soudi Arabia 2010-2014 KACST, Saudi Arabia Dr. R. N. Basu Mr. J Mukhopadhyay,
Dr. A Das Sharma
5. Novel membrane materials and methods for separating hydrogen 2008-2011 CSIR (India) and CSIRO (Australia) Dr. R.N. Basu Dr. A. Das Sharma,
Mr. J. Mukhopadhyay
& Mr. S. Nag
6. Development of MIEC-based dense ceramic membrane for gas separation (Part of SUPRA Institutional Project under CSIR) 2007 -2012 CSIR Dr. R.N. Basu Dr. A. Das Sharma,
Mr. J. Mukhopadhyay
& Mr. S. Nag
7. Investigation on ceria- and lanthanum gallate-based solid electrolyte materials for low temperature solid oxide fuel cells 2006-2010 (Sept.) BRNS,DAE Dr. R.N. Basu Dr. Atanu Dutta
8. Developing an expertise base to carry out R&D activity on SOFC Materials at Energy Research Institute, KACST, Saudi Arabia 2008-2010 KACST, Saudi Arabia Dr. R.N. Basu Dr. A. Das Sharma,
Mr. J. Mukhopadhyay
9. Investigation on Silicon-based new anode materials for lithium-ion rechargeable batteries 2006-2009 DRDO Dr. R.N. Basu Dr. S. Mahanty
10. Development of high energy density lithium-ion battery technology 2004-2009 DRDO Dr. H.S. Maiti
Dr. RN Basu (PI: from 01-11-2009 till 31-03-2010)
Dr. R.N. Basu
11. Development of planar anode-supported SOFC technology 2004-2009 CSIR-NMITLI Dr. R.N. Basu

Divisional Facilities

Spray pyrolyser
(SM Scientech, Kolkata)

Screen printing machine
(Ming-Tai Corporation, Taiwan)

Tape casting machine
(EPH ENGG Associates, USA)

SOFC Stack Testing facility
(Assembled in-house)

(M-BRAUN, Germany)

Twin-screw ceramic extruder
(SM Scientech, Kolkata)

Galvanostat potentiostat
(Autolab, Eco-Chemie BV, The Netherlands)

16-Channel automatic battery tester
(Arbin, USA)



Dr. Jayanta Mukhopadhyay, Principal Scientist and Head

Dr. Prabir PalPrincipal Scientist

Dr. Samar Kumar Medda, Principal Scientist

Dr. Mir Wasim Raja, Senior Scientist

Dr. Srabanti Ghosh, Senior Scientist

Dr. Amarnath R. Allu, Senior Scientist

Dr. Barnasree Chanda, Scientist

Dr. Goutam Kishore Gupta, Scientist

Technical/Support Staff

Name Designation Expertise

Debabrata Roy

Senior Technical Officer (2)
  • Viscous paste preparation and its application on ceramic substrate by screen printing technique for thick film fabrication
  • Operation of Semi-automated Screen Printing machine

Debayan Gupta

Senior Technical Officer (1)
  • Operation of various sophisticated equipments like Spray Pyrolyser (for Kg-level ceramic powder preparation), Ultrasonic Spray Coating Unit & Gas Chromatograph And other ceramic fabrication for SOFC Stack Components

Nabanita Chakrabarti

Senior Technical Officer (1)
  • Operation of different types of advanced characterization instruments like Thermal Analyzer, High Temperature Dilatometer & Scanning Electron Microscope (Tabletop)

Sudip Kumar Ghosh

Senior Technical Officer (1)
  • Operation of various sophisticated equipments, viz. BET-Surface Area Analyzer, Atmosphere Controlled Glove-Box & Coin cell fabrication facilities

Suman Das

Senior Technical Officer (1)
  • Operation and testing of multiple-cell SOFC stacks using stack test station
  • Operation of electrochemical test set up & gas permeation test set up for SOFC single cells and associated gas handling & manifolding system.

Debabrata Biswas

Technical Officer
  • Operation of sophisticated instruments and testing of samples using Impedance Analyzer, Surface Contour Tracer, Electro-chemical Test Setups of different dimensions & Electrical Conductivity measurement under controlled atmosphere furnace• Fabrication of thick film coatings on SOFC Stack components

Satyendra Nath Barik
Technician (2)
  • Maintenance of electrically heated furnaces (both Imported & Indian make), different lab equipments, e.g., semi-automated polishing machine, mounting machine, etc.
  • Technical Assistance for fabrication of SOFC half Cell.
  • Electrical circuit design and assembly for SOFC stack demonstration.
Dr. Pradip Sekhar Das Technician (2)
Tapas Misra
Technician (1)




Dr. Biswajoy Bagchi
Research Associate




Multifunctional Nanocomposite Materials for Low-temperature Ceramic Fuel Cells





Dr. R.N. Basu

Dr. Quazi Arif Islam
PhD Awarded (Selected as NPDF at IISER- Kolkata)




Ceramic Membranes for gas separation Applications





Dr. R.N. Basu & Dr. Mir Wasim Raja, State Forensic Science Laboratory, Kolkata

Dr. Debasish Das
PhD Awarded (Selected as NPDF at IIT Kharagpur)




Synthesis of nanoscale SOFC components & thin films by Electrophoretic Deposition





Dr. R.N. Basu

Koyel Banerjee(Ghosh)
Thesis Submitted
Joined as PDF in Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel




Nanocrystalline SOFC Composite Cathodes





Dr. R.N. Basu & Dr. J. Mukhopadhyay

Susmita Bera




Hydrogen evolution & carbon dioxide capturing





Dr R.N. Basu

Deepra Bhattacharya
Project Assistant (Level – II)




Multiscale modelling of SOFCs





Dr R.N. Basu

Md. Rashid
Project Assistant (Level-II)




Metal supported SOFC





Dr R.N. Basu

Monojit Das Bairagya
Project Assistant (Level-ll)




Thin film components for Ceramic/Metal supported SOFCs





Dr R.N. Basu

Utkarshita Kaushal
Project Assistant (Level-ll)




Ceramic Membrane for Hydrogen/Oxygen Separation





Dr R.N. Basu

Abdul Alim
Project Assistant (Level-ll)




Ceramic Membrane for Hydrogen/Oxygen Separation





Dr R.N. Basu

Sayani Hui
Project Assistant (Level-ll)




Up-scaling of Ceramic Separator for Li ion battery





Dr R.N. Basu

Shoroshi Dey
Project Assistant (Level-ll)
(Under TAPSUN Project till 31.03.2017)




Ceramic separator for Lithium-ion Battery





Dr R.N. Basu



Dr. Jayanta Mukhopadhyay,
Principal Scientist & Head
Phone: (033) 23223494
Fax: +91-33-24730957
E-mail: jayanta_mu@cgcri.res.in

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