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सीएसआईआर-केंद्रीय काँच एवं सिरामिक अनुसंधान संस्थान

CSIR-Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute

Scientist's Profile

Scientists ▸ Dr. Anirban Dhar, Ph.D
Dr. Anirban Dhar

Dr. Anirban Dhar

Principal Scientist

Fiber Optics & Photonics Division

Contact Information:

Phone: (033) 2473 3476/77/96 (Ex. 3285)
Fax: +91-33-2473 0957
E-mail: anirband@cgcri.res.in

Dr. Anirban Dhar, Ph.D

Dr. Dhar joined CSIR-CGCRI on May 23, 2012 as Scientist

Professional Career




CGCRI, Kolkata

Sr. Scientist

May 2016 – continuing

CGCRI, Kolkata


May 2012 – May 2016

Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, UK

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

August 2010 to May 2012

Institute of Photonics & Electronics, ASCR v.v.i, Czech Republic

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

March 2009 to August 2010


Degree Discipline University; Year
B.Sc. Chemistry University of Calcutta, Calcutta, India
M.Sc. Chemistry University of Calcutta, India
Ph.D. Chemistry Jadavpur University, India

Patents filed / Granted

Summary: Indian: 2 numbers; US: 2 numbers; European: 1 numbers

  • “A new codopant for fabricating rare earth (RE) doped optical fiber” Ranjan Sen, Anirban Dhar and Mukul Chandra Paul No. [0609DEL2009].
  • “A new codopant for fabricating rare earth (RE) doped optical fiber” Ranjan Sen, Anirban Dhar and Mukul Chandra Paul US Patent No: 8,649,650 B2
  • “A Process of Fabrication of erbium and Ytterbium-co-Doped multi-elements silica glass based cladding-pumped fiber for use as a highly efficient high power optical amplifier”, Mukul C. Paul, Anirban Dhar, Shyamal Das, Mrinmoy Pal and Shyamal Kumar Bhadra [0038NF2018], Filed on March, 2018 in India.
  • “Process of fabrication of Erbium and Ytterbium co-doped multielement silica glass based cladding pumped fiber”, Mukul C. Paul, Anirban Dhar, Shyamal Das, Mrinmoy Pal and Shyamal Kumar Bhadra, US Patent No. US2019/0375672 A1, December 12, 2019.
  • “A new codopant for fabricating rare earth (RE) doped optical fiber” Ranjan Sen, Anirban Dhar and Mukul Chandra Paul, EP Patent Application No.: 10720035.4, EP-2411340

Research Interest

Design, fabrication and optical/material characterization of specialty optical preform/fiber for application covering high power fiber laser, optical amplifier, bio-medical sensor and telecommunication.

Landmark Research Contribution

  • Development of Rare earth doped graded index fiber for high power laser
  • Identification of new codopant for optical amplifier
  • Fabrication of Erbium doped optical fiber of special design for multimode amplifier
  • Fabrication of radiation hard fiber for UV-Vis region
  • High Germanium doped optical fiber for sensor application
  • Editorial Board member of “Current Applied Polymer Science” from 2020 onwards
  • Editorial Board member of New Journal of Glass and Ceramics (NJGC) from 2021 onwards
  • OSA Senior Member Award in 2019 from Optical Society of America
  • Editorial Board member ofAmerican Journal of Optics and Photonics (AJOP)” from 2019 onwards
  • Editorial Board member ofJournal of Physics and Advanced Applications (JAAP)” from 2019 onwards
  • Awarded Postdoctoral research fellowship from Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, United Kingdom in 2010.
  • 1 year Postdoc project from Grant Agency of Czech Republic (GACR) in 2010.
  • Postdoctoral research fellowship from Institute of Photonics & Electronics, ASCR, v.v.i, Prague, Czech Republic in 2010.
  • “MRSI Young Scientist Award” in Young Scientist Colloquium 2008 organized by Material Research Society of India (MRSI) in their Kolkata Chapter.
  • Best Oral presentation award in EMSI-NC 2006 conference held in RRL Trivandrum, India.
  • Research Fellowship from CSIR, India in 2002.
  • National Scholarship in 1994 and 1996.

Selected Publications

Publications Summary: in SCI Journals = 103; International conference Proceedings: 70, Book Chapters: 5

Best Five Publications:

  1. “73.7 Tb/s (96 x 3 x 256-Gb/s) mode-division-multiplexed DP-16QAM transmission with inline MM-EDFA”, V. A. J. M. Sleiffer, Y. Jung, V. Veljanovski, R. G. H.van Uden, M. Kuschnerov, Q. Kang, L. Grüner-Nielsen, Y. Sun, D. J. Richardson, S. U. Alam, F. Poletti, J. K. Sahu, A. Dhar, H. Chen, B. Inan, A. M. J. Koonen, B. Corbett, R. Winfield, A. D. Ellis, H.de Waardt, Optics Express, 20(26), B428-B438 (2012). [IF: 3.749; Cited: 254]
  2. “Ytterbium-sensitized Thulium-doped fiber laser in the near-IR with 980 nm pumping”, Atasi. Pal, Anirban Dhar, Shyamal Das, Shu Ying Chen, Tong Sun, Ranjan sen and Kenneth T V Grattan, Opt. Express 18(5), 5068-5074 (2010). [IF:3.749; Cited: 40]
  3. “The mechanism of rare earth incorporation in solution doping process”, Anirban Dhar, Atasi Pal, Mukul Ch. Paul, P. Ray, Himadri S. Maiti and Ranjan Sen, Opt. Express 16(17), 12835-12846 (2008). [IF:3.749; Cited: 28]
  4. “Characterization of porous core layer for controlling rare earth incorporation in optical fiber”, Anirban Dhar, Mukul Ch. Paul, Mrinmay Pal, Ashok Kr. Mondal, Suchitra Sen, Himadri Sekhar Maiti and Ranjan Sen, Opt. Express 14(20), 9006-9015 (2006). [IF:3.749; Cited: 84]
  5. “A green process for chlorine-free benzaldehyde from the solvent-free oxidation of benzyl alcohol with molecular oxygen over a supported nano-size gold catalyst”, Vasant R. Choudhary, Anirban Dhar, Prabhas Jana, Rani Jha and Balu S. Uphade, Green Chemistry, 7, 768-770 (2005). [IF:5.84: Cited: 207 ]

Book Chapters:

  1. “Fabrication of rare earth doped optical fiber using MCVD process” Anirban Dhar ISBN 978-3-8383-4093-7, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing AG&CO.KG Germany, in 2010.
  2. “An Improved Method of Fabricating Rare Earth Doped Optical Fiber”, Ranjan Sen and Anirban Dhar, Optical Fibers/Book 4, ISBN 979-953-307-653-8, by InTech, Rijeka, Croatia, in 2012.
  3. “Fabrication of rare earth doped optical fibers”, Mukul Ch. Paul, Anirban Dhar, Mrinmoy Pal, Shyamal K. Bhadra and Ranjan Sen, in Guded Wave Optics, Edited by Shyamal Bhadra and Ajoy Ghatak, Chapter-5, Page 65-102, Publisher Taylor & Francis, 2013.
  4. “Nano-engineering optical materials for fiber laser,   amplifier and broad-band light source: A review” by M. C. Paul, S. Das, A. Dhar, M. Pal, A. V. Kir’yanov, Yu. O. Barmenkov, A. M. Martínez-Gamez, J. L. Lucio-Martínez, A. Arredondo-Santos, V. A. Kamynin, V. G. Plotnichenko, S. W. Harun, A.A. Latiff, and M. T. Ahmad in “Optical Fibers: Technology, Communications and Recent Advances”, Publisher: Nova Science Publishers, USA in 2018.
  5. “Phase-Separated Alumina–Silica Glass-Based Erbium-Doped Fibers for Optical Amplifier: Material and Optical Characterization along with Amplification Properties” Mukul Paul, Alexander Kir’yanov, Yuri Barmenkov, Mrinmay Pal, Randall Youngman, Anirban Dhar and Shyamal Das; edited by Prof. Mário F. S. Ferreira, Fibers-Special Issue Optical Fiber Communications, Fibers  2018, 6(3) 67 (2018), MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland.
  6. “Advanced Nano-engineered Glass-Based Optical Fibers for Photonics Applications”, M. C. Paul, S. Das, A. Dhar, D. Dutta, P. H. Reddy, M. Pal and A. V. Kir’yanov in Handbook of Optical Fibers, Springer, Singapore, (2018). https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-10-1477-2_72-1

 Ph.D. Supervision:

Supervisor of 2 PhD students (on-going) and Co-Supervisor of 1 PhD student (ongoing)

M.Tech: Completed-3

M.Sc: Completed 2, ongoing-1

Last Updated on March 1, 2023