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CSIR-Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute

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सीएसआईआर-केंद्रीय काँच एवं सिरामिक अनुसंधान संस्थान

CSIR-Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute

Fiber Optics and Photonics


Fiber Optics Laboratory at CGCRI has a long history of research on fabrication of silica based optical fibre. The institute had initiated R&D on fibre optics in early 80’s towards establishing indigenous capability of fabricating different kinds of fibre. With an initial funding from CSIR, a group of scientists, engineers and technicians came forward to build up a facility for fabricating preforms by MCVD (modified chemical vapour deposition) technique and subsequently drawing of fibres. The main focus was application oriented research with particular emphasis on optical telecommunications and photonic components. With steady success with developing fibres of various compositions and designs, both standard and special varieties, FOPD at present has emerged as a state-of-the-art laboratory for producing specialty fibres for many important applications having appreciable market potential. The R&D work on fibre development is well supported by a comprehensive characterization facility to study different optical properties. Although fabrication of specialty fibres is the foundation of all fibre based research in the laboratory, it has expanded its activities in a number of key areas in the field of optical communication, fiber lasers and Bragg grating sensors. A strong activity on nonlinear optics including supercontinuum generation in photonic crystal fibre has been initiated. It maintains active and effective collaborations with industries and academic institutions in India and abroad.

Areas of Research

  • Specialty optical fibers
    • Rare earth doped fibers for optical amplifiers
    • Large core rare earth doped fibers for fiber lasers
    • Photosensitive fibers for writing Bragg gratings
    • Highly non-linear PCF for supercontinuum sources
    • Radiation soft fibers for dosimeter applications
    • Radiation resistant fibers for nuclear environments
    • Fibers for sensor applications
  • Fiber based devices and components
    • Fiber laser
    • Fiber amplifier
    • Sensors
      • Fiber Bragg gratings
      • Structural health monitoring
      • Acousto-ultrasonic sensing for damage detection in metal/composite structure
      • Sensors for gas, chemical and biological species

Technology Developed

  1. Erbium doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) for CATV application jointly with the industrial partner NeST Photonics. The commercial product was launched on 28.08.2005.
  2. Gain flattened EDFA (C-band) for WDM application (up to 22 dBm output power)
  3. Core technologies / processes for specialty optical fibers such as
    • Intrinsically gain flattened Er doped fiber for optical amplifier
    • Large core Yb2O3 doped fibre for fibre lasers
    • Yb2O3-doped fiber for fiber lasers based on nano-engineered glass host
    • Tm2O3 and Tm2O3+Yb2O3 doped fiber for fiber lasers
    • Intrinsically photosensitive optical fibre for writing fibre Bragg-grating
    • Rare-earth doped polarizing Photonic Crystal Fibre (PCF) for high power amplifiers and lasers
    • Highly non-linear PCF for supercontinuum sources
    • Special GeO2 doped SM fibre for use at 630nm and 980nm
  4. Technology for developing fiber Bragg grating based components like Gain Flattening Filters (GFF), Linear tilt/edge filter, Filters with ultra narrow linewidth, WDM filters, Bragg gratings and long period gratings for sensor application
  5. Developed Bragg grating based temperature sensing system for online temperature monitoring of high voltage power transmission lines.
  6. Developed Supercontinuum Light Source Technology covering variety of applications like Optical Coherence Tomography, Broadband Spectroscopy, Flow Cytometry etc. jointly with the industrial partner Vinvish Technologies, Trivandrum.
  7. “Broad Spectrum Confocal Microscope” has been conceived and realized under CSIR-NMITLI programme in association with Vinvish Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


 List of Ongoing National Projects


Project no.

Project title

Funding agency


National project:



Development of fiber Bragg grating based sensors and interrogation system for

measurement of direct blast pressure and blast induced strain in structures



2019- 2021




Fibre-optic sensor technology for the detection of chemical species in liquid/gas environment using side-polished photonic crystal fiber



2018- 2020




Theoretical Study and Analysis of Hollow Core Photonic Crystal Fibre for the Application of Gas Sensor









Development and experimental study of hollow core photonic crystal fibers for efficient laser beam delivery in the infrared region for medical and micromachining applications











Collaborative Project on translation of the thulium fiber laser for clinical use

M/s. Applied Optical Technologies PW. Ltd




Development of new class of multi-material glass based photosensitive fiber and regenerated fiber Bragg grating sensors for operation at high temperature beyond 1000 ºC





2017- 2020






Generation of high pulse energy ultrafast mode-locked all fiber Yb-LASER






Multicomponent glass based optical fibers for Vis-MIR photonicapplications







Demonstration of Pulsed Fiber Laser Sources for AdditiveManufacturing and Precision Material Processing









Efficient Supercontinuum Sources in the Mid-lR and Visible-NIR using photonic crystal Fibers Innovative Solutions forDeep-Penetration and Ultrahigh-Resolution OCT











Development of Fiber Bragg Grating long gauge sensors for StructuralHealth Monitoring







International collaborative project:



Development of ultra-broadband (1100- 2200 nm) light sources based on modified  nano-engineered silica glass optical fibers  doped with bismuth and multiple rare-earths towards OCT applications



2017- 2020


Divisional Facilities

Technical/Support Staff

Name Designation Expertise

Biplab Mitra

Senior Technical Officer(3) Computer programming, PLC based systems, Drawing of optical fiber, FBG

Dipten Kumar

Senior Technical Officer(2) Embedded Electronics(Hardware & Software) and FPGA based System development

Abhirup Biswas

Technical Officer PLC based systems, Drawing and Characterization of optical fiber

Pratik Ghosh

Technician (2) PLC based systems, Drawing of optical fiber

Indrajit Halder

Technician (2) Optical fiber preform fabrication


Name Status Project Supervisor

Y.Amarendra Nath
Project Scientist “Bio-medical imaging” Dr. Mrinmay Pal

Dr. Debashis Pal
RA-I “Thulium Doped laser for Medical Application” Dr. Atasi Pal

Sourav Das Chowdhury
RA-I “Specialty Optical Fibers and Fiber based Components for Laser Applications” Dr. Mrinmay Pal

Debjit Dutta
SPA “Advanced nano-engineered specialty optical fibers for OCT application” Dr. M. C. Paul

Sayantani Bhattacharya
SRF “Fiber Bragg grating sensor” Dr. Somnath Bandyopadhyay

Nishant Kumar
SPF “High Power Fiber Laser” Dr. Mrinmay Pal

Tanoy Kumar Dey
PF “Fiber Bragg grating sensor” Mr. Palas Biswas

Shailendra Kumar Singh
CSIR-NET-SRF “Fiber optic sensor” Dr. Mukul Chandra Paul

Nilotpal Choudhury
AcSIR-PhD student “Novel fiber laser sources for engineering & medical applications” Dr. Anirban Dhar

Sajib Chowdhury
AcSIR- Ph.D student “High power fiber laser” Dr. Mrinmay Pal

Debparna Majumder
AcSIR- Ph.D student “Development of laser component for high power fiber laser” Dr. Atasi Pal

Shubhranil Maity
JRF-INSPIRE “Tm-doped high power laser” Dr. Atasi Pal
Vincent Akash Gomes JRF “Tm-doped high power laser” Dr. Atasi Pal

Uttam Kumar Samanta
JRF-INSPIRE  “High power fiber laser” Dr. Mrinmay Pal

Samar Palit
Project Assistant “Specialty optical fibres” Dr. Anirban Dhar

Hirak Dash
Project Assistant “Packaged fiber laser modules” Dr. Mrinmay Pal

Rajarshi Mitra
PA II “Fiber Bragg grating sensor” Dr. Somnath Bandyopadhyay

Dipanjan Karmakar
INSPIRE Fellow “Specialty optical fiber for amplifier and laser” Dr. Anirban Dhar

Shaibal Sahoo
INSPIRE Fellow “Specialty optical fiber for amplifier and laser” Dr. Mrinmay Pal

Sankha Subhra Mukherjee
M. Tech Student “Micro structured Optical Fiber Based Supercontinuum Source for OCT With Improved Axial Resolution” Dr. Debashri Ghosh



Diyasa Bazal

M. Tech Student “Rare earth core-shell nano-particle doped optical fiber for high power laser/amplifier” Dr. Anirban Dhar


Dr. Somnath Bandyopadhyay, 
Chief Scientist & Head, Fibre Optics & Photonics Division
Phone: (033) 24838083
Fax: +91-33-24730957
E-mail: somnath@cgcri.res.in

Last Updated on February 2, 2021