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CSIR-Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute

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सीएसआईआर-केंद्रीय काँच एवं सिरामिक अनुसंधान संस्थान

CSIR-Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute

Scientist's Profile

Scientists ▸ Dr. H. S. Tripathi
Dr. H. S. Tripathi

Dr. H. S. Tripathi

Chief Scientist & Head

Refractories and Traditional Ceramics Division
Scientist-in-Charge, Khurja Centre, Uttar Pradesh

Contact Information:

Phone: (033) 2473 3480
Fax: +91-33-24730957
E-mail: hstripathi@cgcri.res.in

Dr. H. S. Tripathi

Dr. Tripathi joined CSIR-CGCRI on December 1997

Professional Career

Institution Position Period
CSIR-CGCRI, KolkataSenior Principal Scientist2015 onwards
CSIR-CGCRI, KolkataPrincipal Scientist2011 -2014
CSIR-CGCRI, KolkataScientist B To Scientist E11997 - 2010
Imperial College London Raman Research Fellow June - Sept 2010
Boston University, Massachusetts, USA Post Doctoral Fellow 2003-2005


Degree Discipline University; Year
B.Sc. Chemistry Hons University of Calcutta
B.Tech. Ceramic Engineering University of Calcutta
M.Tech. Ceramic Engineering University of Calcutta
Ph.D (Tech.) Ceramic Engineering University of Calcutta

Patents filed / Granted

Indian : 6

  1. A cost efficient process for the production of dense high alumina refractory aggregates from sillimanite sand, H. S. Tripathi, U. Roy & A. Ghosh, Patent application submitted (Ref. No.0089NF2016)
  2. A novel process for the preparation of hydration resistant Lime, P.S. Mukherjee. R. K. Galgali, J. L. Gumaste, B. K. Mishra, H. S. Maiti, B. Mukherjee, A. Ghosh, H. S. Tripathi, Patent Application No: 1119/DEL/08, Date of filing: 02/05/2008 (Patent No. IN269921, Seal: 20/11/2015)
  3. A process for the production of value added refractory aggregates from low grade bauxite and value added refractory aggregates produced thereby, H. S. Tripathi, B. Mukherjee, A. Ghosh, M. K. Haldar & H. S. Maiti , Indian Patent Application No: 780/DEL/08, Date of filing: 26/03/2008. (Patent No. IN281457, Seal: 23/04/2017)
  4. A process for the manufacture of dense high alumina refractory aggregate from sillimanite sand based minerals, H. S. Tripathi, A. Ghosh, S. K. Das & B. Mukherjee, Patent Application No: 221/DEL/03, Date of filing: 05/03/2003. (Patent No. IN235106, Seal: 31/07/2009)
  5. A process for the production of dense alumina rich magnesium aluminate spinel useful as refractory aggregates, A. Ghosh, B. Mukherjee, H. S. Tripathi, M. K. Halder, S. K. Das & H. S. Maiti, Indian Patent Application No: 86/DEL/02, Date of filing: 31/01/2002 (Patent No. IN215810, Seal: 03/03/2008)
  6. A process for the production of magnesite-chrome aggregates useful as refractory material, A. Ghosh, B. Mukherjee, M. K. Halder, H. S. Tripathi, J. R. Biswas & S. K. Das, Indian Patent Application No: 87/DEL/02, Date of filing: 31/01/2002 (Patent No. IN215626, Seal: 28/02/2008).

Research Interest

Materials science and engineering with special reference to ceramics and refractories including synthesis and processing of high performance synthetic refractory raw materials, refractory processing and characterization in particular magnesia-carbon, mullite, Al2O3-MgO-MgAl2O4, mag-chrome system and value addition to natural raw materials like bauxite, magnesite, sillimanite etc. and ramming mass for induction furnace.

Landmark Research Contribution

  • Developed various high alumina aggregates form the sillimanite and zircon beach sands an Industrial by-product available in India.
  • Worked on Indian bauxite, magnesite and developed refractory aggregate without beneficiation route.
  • Developed MgO-C bricks for LD Converter with improved life
  • Technology know-how on Mag-Chrome aggregates from friable chrome ore transferred to industry.
  • Developed basic ramming mass for induction furnace enabling refining of steel.
  • Hony Editor, Transaction of the Indian Ceramic Society (2019-22)
  • Chairman, Editorial Advisory board of Indoceram of AIPMA (From 2021)
  • Associate Editor, International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology (from 2021)
  • Shree Ghanashyam Mishra Innovation Award from All India Pottery Manufacturers’ Association (2020)
  • Malaviya award for basic ceramic science from Indian Ceramic Society (2020, 2008)
  • Innovative Research Award for the Development of High performance refractory aggregates for industrial application from the Organising committee of 23rd International Conference on Non-ferrous Minerals & Metals (2019)
  • Visiting Professor, Wuhan University of Science & Technology, Wuhan, China(April 2019 –April 2021)
  • Refractory Technologist Award-2018 from Indian Ceramic Society
  • Deokaran Award from Indian Ceramic Society (2015)
  • Hony Editor, Indoceram of AIPMA
  • Raman Research Fellowship, CSIR. 2010
  • Fellow, Indian Institute of Ceramics, 2009
  • Associate Editor – Transactions of the Indian Ceramic Society (2009 -10)
  • Post Doctoral Fellowship from Boston University, Massachusetts, USA (2003-2005).
  • Best Poster Paper Award in India International Refractory Congress (Year 1998, 2002, 2010, 2014)
  • Best Poster Paper Award in National Seminar on Refractories and Furnaces (Year 2000)

Membership in Organisational/National /International Committees

  • President, Indian Institute of Ceramics (2021-22)
  • Vice President, Indian Institute of Ceramics (2019-2020)
  • Member, Research Advisory Committee, Dalmia Institute of Scientific & Industrial Research.
  • Member, International Advisory Board of the International Symposium on Refractories (ISR 2020), China
  • Member for the Refractories Sectional Committee of Bureau of Indian Standard (MTD 15) 2015 onwards.
  • Principal Member, Metallurgical Engineering Division Council of Bureau of Indian Standard (MTDC) 2016 onwards
  • Member, Bureau of Indian Standard for Ceramic Ware Sectional Committee (CHD9) 2010 onwards.
  • Organising Secretary of 2nd International Conferences on Alumina & Other Functional Ceramics (AOFC-2017)
  • Member, Technical Committee of Indian Refractory Makers Association (IRMA)
  • Technical committee member of India International Refractory Congress (IREFCON 18, IREFCON 20)
  • Life member, Indian Institute of Metals
  • Life Member, Indian Ceramic Society
  • Life member, Millennium Institute of Energy & Environment Management
  • Life Member, Electron Microscope Society of India

Selected Publications

Summary: in SCI Journal Papers = 55; in Conference Procedings = 35; Books/Monographs = 2
Selected Papers:
  1. Thermo-mechanical stability of bulk (Al1-xCrx)2O3 solid solution, M. Nath, P. Kumar, S. Song, Y. Li, S. Tripathi; Ceram. Int. 44, 12411-12416 (2019)
  2. Enhancement of reaction-sintering of alumina-excess magnesium aluminate spinel in presence of titania, Sinhamahapatra, K. Dana, H.S. Tripathi, Ceram. Int. 44, 10773-10780 (2018)
  3. Improvement in thermo-mechanical properties of off-grade natural magnesite by addition of Y2O3, Kumar, M. Nath, U. Roy, A. Ghosh & H. S. Tripathi, Int. J. Appl. Ceram. Technol., 14, 1197–1205 (2017)
  4. Anomalous densification behavior of Al2O3–Cr2O3 system, M. Nath, P. Kumar, A.V. Maldhure, S. Sinhamahapatra, K. Dana, A. Ghosh & S. Tripathi, Mater. Charact. 111, 8-13 (2016)
  5. Hot corrosion behaviour of Al2O3–Cr2O3 refractory by molten glass at 1200°C under static condition, M. Nath, A. Ghosh & S. Tripathi, Corrosion Science. 102, 153-160 (2016)

Ph. D.: Degree Awarded -3 , Thesis submitted:-1, On-going -1

M.Tech: 6

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