सीएसआईआर-केंद्रीय काँच एवं सिरामिक अनुसंधान संस्थान

CSIR-Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute

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सीएसआईआर-केंद्रीय काँच एवं सिरामिक अनुसंधान संस्थान

CSIR-Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute

Advanced Ceramics & Composites


CGCRI is the pioneer in research on non-oxide ceramics in India and has the cutting edge in this field. The materials dealt with are silicon nitride, SiAlONs, AlON, aluminum nitride, silicon carbide and composites with carbon fiber and CNT having an aim to use the materials in low and high temperature structural applications. The products developed are dense silicon nitride ball for hybrid bearing and other wear resistant components, aluminum nitride as impact resistant material, AlON for visible and IR transparent windows, reaction bonded silicon nitride porous tube for acid electrolysis, hexagonal boron nitride powder for high temperature lubrication. Present work includes both basic research and product development on multi-layer composite, carbon fiber reinforced wear resistant auto clutch component, hard SiAlON cutting tools, bio-mimetic silicon carbide high temperature filter. The division also possesses equipment for room temperature and high temperature mechanical property evaluation at macro- to micro-levels. Correlation of material-microstructure-property is the other area of research of the division.

Areas of Research

  • Reaction bonded silicon nitride
  • Reaction bonded silicon carbide
  • Dense silicon nitride
  • Carbon fibre reinforced silicon carbide
  • CNT reinforced structural ceramic composites
  • Porous Silicon Carbide Ceramics and Composites
  • Biomorphic Silicon Carbide Ceramic Composites
  • High temperature gas filtration
  • Mechanical behaviour at very high strain rate
  • Ultra high temperature ceramics

Technology Developed

  • Dense silicon nitride and sialon wear resistant components
  • Reaction bonded silicon nitride components
  • Hexagonal boron nitride powder
  • Dense reaction bonded silicon carbide composite materials (covered by : Indian Patent, 226270, 16 December, 2008)
  • Carbon fibre reinforced silicon carbide components
  • Biomorphic SiC ceramic composite materials
  • Porous SiC ceramics
  • SiSiC ceramic composite using processed bio-precursors


Ongoing Projects

Sl. No. Title of the Project Duration Source of Funding Principal Investigator Co-Investigator (s)
1 Cleaning of hot gas from high ash containing low grade Indian Coal 2012-17 CSIR Nijhuma Kayal O.P. Chakrabarti
2 Synthesis of oxide bonded porous SiC ceramics by bond phase precursor infiltration technique 2013-16 DST Nijhuma Kayal O.P. Chakrabarti
3 Hot pressing and study of thermo-mechanical behaviour of UHTC samples for aerospace applications 2013-15 DRDO S. Chakraborty P. K. Das
4 Development and characterization of Silicon Carbide foam 2014-16 DRDO S. Sarkar P. K. Das
S. Chakraborty
5 Non oxide ultra high temperature ceramic components 2012-17 CSIR P. K. Das S. Chakraborty
6 M-AlON based IR transparent window 2012-17 CSIR S Bondopadhyay  

Completed Projects

Sl. No. Title of the Project Duration Source of Funding Principal Investigator Co-Investigator (s)
1 Porous RBSN diaphragm tube 2006-10 Govt. P.K. Das J. Rakshit
2 RBSN microwave transparent material 2009-10 Govt P.K. Das J. Rakshit
3 C-fibre reinforced clutch component 2008-11 CSIR P.K. Das D.K. Bhattacharya
4 RBSN leading edge for very high temperature application 2010-11 Govt. P.K. Das R. Banerjee
5 Equation of State of Alumina and ZTA ceramics under shock loading 2007-10 Govt. A. K. Mukhopadhyay Dr. S. K. Biswas
6 Development of cellular SiC ceramics using biologically derived perform 2002-2007 CSIR O.P.Chakrabarti
7 Cellular SiC ceramics from plant precursor for engineering applications, 2005-2008 DST, Govt. of India O.P.Chakrabarti H.S.Maiti & R.Majumder
8 Synthesis of novel composite materials using coir fibre for engineering applications 2010-13 CSIR O.P.Chakrabarti  
9 Development of porous SiC substrate for hot gas filter applications 2007-12 CSIR O.P.Chakrabarti N.Kayal, T.Goswami & P.G.Rao
10 Fabrication Si3N4 ball for hybrid ball bearing 2010-12 Govt. P.K. Das R. Banerjee
11 Fabrication of SiC large plates from organic precursors 2011-12 Govt. P.K. Das R. Banerjee

Divisional Facilities

High Pressure Abrasive Waterjet Machine for Hard Ceramic Cutting

CGCRI, Kolkata procured a very high pressure waterjet cutting machine that operates at a maximum pressure of 6200bar. The high pressure water-abrasive mixture is ideal for cutting very hard ceramics, composites and glass products. The machine is installed for the first time in the eastern region and such a high pressure machine is the first of its kind in India. The machine will be utilized in many in-house projects and for outside agencies in future.


Sputter Coating unit

Vacuum Oven for inflammable Solvent

Thermal Diffusivity measuring instrument

Spark Plasma Sintering Furnace

Hot Isostatic Press

High Temperature (2000oC) Brazing Furnace with Tungsten Heating Element

SCHAUBLIN, 225 TMI-CNC turning machine

VF-1 HASS VMC (Vertical Milling Machine)

Zeta Sizer

Particle Size Analyzer

1500 W Ultrasonic Unit



UV Spectrometre

Non Contact Profilometre


Inverted Optical Microscope with CCD camera with Image Analyzer

Humidity controlled drier

High temperature controlled atmosphere furnaces (2000OC)

High speed Centrifuge of M/S Remi(Max RPM=20000, RCF 37570) 4×100 ml angle head

Planetary mill (1600 watt)

Hi temperature electrically heated furnace of chamber size 200mm×200mm×200mm max temp 1800oC

100 Watts Ultrasonic processor

Ceramic ball lapping machine

Micro hardness tester (2 kg)

Contact type surface profilometer

High temperature Hot Press (2200C, 40 Ton)

Precision Surface Grinding Machine

Triboindenter (Nanoindenter with in-situ SPM facility)

Fischerscope (Nanoindenter with Optical facility)

Scratch Tester

Hardness Tester (Vicker’’s and Knoop tip)

Fully Automated Universal Testing Machine (1 KN, 100 KN, 100 N load cells)



Dr. Dipayan Sanyal, Chief Scientist and Head

Mr. S. Gangadharan, Senior Principal Scientist, Leader (Manufacturing)

Dr. Milan Kanti Naskar, Senior Principal Scientist, Leader (Ceramic Precursors)

Mr. Krishnendu Adhikary, Principal Scientist

Mr. Ajitesh Kar, Senior Scientist

Dr. Soupitak Pal, Senior Scientist

Dr. Yuvaraj Natarajan, Scientist

Technical/Support Staff

Name Designation Expertise
Dr. Rajat Banerjee Principal Technical Officer Fracture of Glass, Computational analysis
Dr. Soumya Sarkar Senior Technical Officer(3)
Sumit Guha Senior Technical Officer(3)
Sandip Chakraborty Senior Technical Officer(2)

Glass & Ceramic Characterization

Sumantra Basu Senior Technical Officer(1) Instrumentation
Pranab Pal Technical Officer Ceramic Machining and NDT
Ramprasad Mondal Technical Officer Ceramic Machining and NDT
Prasanjit Mandal Senior Technician (2)
Chhoton Kerketta Senior Technician (2)
Sanjiban Das Technician (2)
Subhendu B. Mondal Technician (2) Instrumentation
Naresh Kumar Oraon Technician (2) Ceramic finishing
Subhankar Bera Technician (1) Furnace Operation
Samir Kumar Kopai Technician (1)


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Dr. Dipayan Sanyal
Chief Scientist & Mentor
Phone: (033) 23223315)
Fax: +91-33-24730957
Mobile : 9432012330
E-mail: dsanyal@cgcri.res.in

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