सीएसआईआर-केंद्रीय काँच एवं सिरामिक अनुसंधान संस्थान

CSIR-Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute

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सीएसआईआर-केंद्रीय काँच एवं सिरामिक अनुसंधान संस्थान

CSIR-Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute

Advanced Ceramics & Composites


Advanced Ceramics and Composites Division (ACCD) caters to develop technology oriented high quality research in the broad arena of advanced materials for high temperature applications. The on-going technology development and research efforts stem from a strong collaboration with the strategic agencies of the country, like DRDO, RCI, ISRO, DAE and many more. Typically, this division deals with the development of advanced ceramics and composites like silicon carbide, silicon nitride, silicon and aluminum oxy nitride, ceramic matrix composite, MAX phase ceramics, aluminum nitride, boron nitride and carbide ceramics, high entropy carbide and nitride ceramics, CNT, graphene and carbon fiber reinforced ceramic composite, MXene etc. ACCD also ventures in energy related materials based on advanced ceramics thin films, 2D nanosheets enabled composite for white light emissions, high temperature piezo-sensors, semiconducting and hydrogen storage materials etc. The division is equipped with processing bulk ceramic materials through traditional slip casting to advanced 3D-printing and micromachining, expertise ranging from conventional hard and brittle ceramic machining to laser assisted ductile mode machining for fabricating engineering components. Divisional facilities largely encompass controlled atmosphere processing of ceramics to characterizing mechanical behavior of both bulk and thin film ceramics and composites from room to high temperature, structure-property correlations of the materials. ACCD also has expertise for the development of functional porous nanomaterials for catalytic and separation (gas/liquid) based applications along with the utilization of agro- and industrial wastes for water decontamination and other value added products. Division also initiates activities like computational material design and assessment of material behavior. Some of the milestone products/technologies developed at the division are reaction bonded silicon carbide and nitride, C-fiber reinforced silicon matrix composite brake disk and jet-ven, coating from pre-ceramic polymer for white light, porous silicon nitride tube for hot gas filtration, SiAlON based cutting tools, hexagonal boron nitride powder, biomorphic SiC ceramic composite materials, silicon nitride ball-bearing, zeolite based membrane for gas and liquid separation.  Currently, the division has a strength of seven scientists, seven technical officers, and four technicians.

Areas of Research

  • Processing of advanced ceramic and composite materials: Processing activities include processing of super hard ceramic using both conventional (slip casting, powder shaping and sintering) and non-conventional (additive manufacturing) of SiC, Si3N4, B4C, TiC, SiAlON and AlON ceramics, UHTC composites, MAX phase ceramics, Cf-SiC, Grpahene-metal & ceramic composites, ceramic matrix composites (CMCs), AlN and high entropy ceramics for strategic, structural and energy applications. Processing of ceramic thin films and coating from pre-ceramic precursor using CVD methods, like SiC, SiOxCy and coating for cutting tool applications are also one of the key focus areas of the advanced ceramics and composite divisions. Processing of nanomaterial synthesis by sol-gel based wet-chemical methods for waste water treatment and catalytic application is another activity of ACCD. Utilization of agro- and industrial wastes toward value added products is the new activity of the division. Divisions also try to build up expertise in the area of computational material design.
  • Advanced machining: Division also engages in fabrication of components from brittle and hard materials made by advanced machining facilities like abrasive water jet machining, precision grinding and polishing, CNC machining lathe, vertical milling machine, laser assisted ductile mode machining, and, near-net-shaping of precision optics glass lenses.
  • Characterizations: ACCD further looks into characterization of mechanical behavior, structural, thermal, opto-electronic behavior of materials along with development of structure-property correlation. Typical examples are mechanical behavior of materials from room to high temperature using universal testing machine, micro to nanohardness, high temperature nanoindentation, oxidation studies, wear and friction behavior at ambient and controlled environment with temperature dependence study, spectroscopy studies and microstructural characterization.

Technology Developed

  • Dense silicon nitride and sialon wear resistant components
  • Reaction bonded silicon nitride components
  • Hexagonal boron nitride powder
  • Dense reaction bonded silicon carbide composite materials (covered by : Indian Patent, 226270, 16 December, 2008)
  • Carbon fibre reinforced silicon carbide components
  • Biomorphic SiC ceramic composite materials
  • Porous SiC ceramics
  • SiSiC ceramic composite using processed bio-precursors


Ongoing Projects

Sl. No

Title of the project


Sponsoring Agency

Principal Investigator

Co-Principal Investigator(s)

Budget (lakhs)


Technology Development on Fabrication of RBSN EM Window for Strategic Applications

20 Sept, 2022 – 9 Sept, 2024 (2 years


Mr. Ajitesh Kar

Dr. Milan Kanti Naskar



Development of Cf/SiC ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) for Aircraft Brake Disc Applications

02.02.2022 to 31.03.2025 (3 years)

CSIR (Mission Mode)

Mr. S.Gangadharan

Mrs. Soma Hansda



High Entropy Alloy for Hydrogen Storage Applications at Room Temperature (HEART)

April 2022-September2024 (2 years)

CSIR (H2T mission mode)


Dr. Soupitak Pal

Dr. N.C. Pramanick, Dr. Sandip Bysakh.



Advanced Manufacturing of Nanofinished Ceramics and Hard Alloy Components by Laser Assisted Ductile Mode Machining

17.02.2020 to 31.03.2023 (3 years)


Mr. S.Gangadharan

Dr.Yuvaraj Natarajan




Development of Hot Iso-statically pressed Silicon Nitride Ball: Technology for Hybrid Bearings of Aircraft Application”

2 years (2022 – 2024)


Dr. Rajat Banerjee

Mr. Ajitesh Kar



Functionalization of Red Mud for Simultaneous Remediation of Fluoride, Arsenic and Iron Contaminants from Water and Utilization of Waste Sludge Therefrom in the Development of Glass-Ceramic Foam

30 Dec 2020-29 Dec 2023 (3 years)


Dr. Milan Kanti Naskar

Dr. Shirshendu Chakraborty



Fabrication of high temperature Piezo Pressure Sensor for Aeronautical Application

3 years (2023 – 2025)


Dr. Rajat Banerjee

Mr. Ajitesh Kar



Ultra precision ductile mode machining of Ultra hard ceramics for advanced technology applications


2024-2026 (2 years)


Dr. Yuvaraj Natarajan

Dr. Swati Jha,

Mrs. Soma Hansda




3D Printing of polymer derived ceramics for making complex structures of ceramic optics

2024-26 (2 Years)


Dr. Yuvaraj Natarajan

Dr. Soupitak Pal, Mr. Nelson Kandulna



“Bioinspired Novel siAloN-Graphene Composites: A plausible Alternative of Hard wc-co composite”

2024-26 (2 years)


Dr. Soupitak Pal

Mr. Ajitesh Kar,

Mrs. Soma Hansda



Processing of Cf-SiC-ZrB2 UHTC Ceramic Matrix composite by liquid silicon infiltration (LSI) Technique

2024-26 (2 years)


Mr. S. Gangadharan

Dr. Soupitak Pal,

Dr. Swati Jha



Atomic scale surface generation on AlN ceramics for advanced functional surface applications

2023-2024 (1 year)


Dr. Yuvaraj Natarajan

Mr. S. Gangadaran



Development of ternary TiN/TiMN (M: V, Nb, Ta) hybrid coatings for space and automotive applications


(1 year)


Dr. Swati Jha

Dr. Yuvaraj Natarajan


Divisional Facilities

High Pressure Abrasive Waterjet Machine for Hard Ceramic Cutting

CGCRI, Kolkata procured a very high pressure waterjet cutting machine that operates at a maximum pressure of 6200bar. The high pressure water-abrasive mixture is ideal for cutting very hard ceramics, composites and glass products. The machine is installed for the first time in the eastern region and such a high pressure machine is the first of its kind in India. The machine will be utilized in many in-house projects and for outside agencies in future.


Sputter Coating unit

Vacuum Oven for inflammable Solvent

Thermal Diffusivity measuring instrument

Spark Plasma Sintering Furnace

Hot Isostatic Press

High Temperature (2000oC) Brazing Furnace with Tungsten Heating Element

SCHAUBLIN, 225 TMI-CNC turning machine

VF-1 HASS VMC (Vertical Milling Machine)

Zeta Sizer

Particle Size Analyzer

1500 W Ultrasonic Unit



UV Spectrometre

Non Contact Profilometre


Inverted Optical Microscope with CCD camera with Image Analyzer

Humidity controlled drier

High temperature controlled atmosphere furnaces (2000OC)

High speed Centrifuge of M/S Remi(Max RPM=20000, RCF 37570) 4×100 ml angle head

Planetary mill (1600 watt)

Hi temperature electrically heated furnace of chamber size 200mm×200mm×200mm max temp 1800oC

100 Watts Ultrasonic processor

Ceramic ball lapping machine

Micro hardness tester (2 kg)

Contact type surface profilometer

High temperature Hot Press (2200C, 40 Ton)

Precision Surface Grinding Machine

Triboindenter (Nanoindenter with in-situ SPM facility)

Fischerscope (Nanoindenter with Optical facility)

Scratch Tester

Hardness Tester (Vicker’’s and Knoop tip)

Fully Automated Universal Testing Machine (1 KN, 100 KN, 100 N load cells)



Dr. Milan Kanti Naskar, Chief Scientist and Head

Mr. S. Gangadharan, Senior Principal Scientist

Mr. Krishnendu Adhikary, Principal Scientist

Dr. Shirshendu Chakraborty, Principal Scientist

Mr. Ajitesh Kar, Principal Scientist

Dr. Soupitak Pal, Senior Scientist

Ms. Soma Hansda, Scientist

Dr. Yuvaraj Natarajan, Scientist

Dr. Swati Jha, Scientist

Technical/Support Staff


Name Designation Expertise
Dr. Rajat Banerjee

Principal Technical Officer


Fracture Mechanics of Brittle solids, Thin Film Coatings, Nanomaterial Glass Composite, Opto electronics Material.
Dr. Soumya Sarkar Senior Technical Officer – III
Pressureless & Pressure-assisted Sintering under Controlled Atmosphere, Pre-ceramic polymer derived Open/Closed Cell Carbide Ceramics, Ceramic Matrix Based Composites Reinforced with Non-oxide Based Nano-structures, Chopped Micro-Fibres & Particulates, Tribo-mechanical characterizations, Nano indentation, Fractography, Processing-Microstructure-Property Relationship
Mr. Sandip Chakraborty Senior Technical Officer-II Operation of furnace, advanced characterization instruments like thermal analyzer, high temperature dilatometer.

Maintenance of electrical parts of instruments, computer software useful for different machines and programming.

Mr. Sumantra Basu Senior Technical Officer-I Operation and maintenance of high temperature controlled atmosphere furnace, chamber furnace, spark plasma sintering furnace, hot isostatic pressure furnace. Expertise in thermal conductivity measurement and sputtering.
Mr. Pranab Pal Senior Technical Officer (1) CNC Milling, Nano Indentation, Co-ordinate Measuring Machine, Universal Testing Machine, Surface roughness tester, CAD-CAM.
Mr. Ramprasad Mondal Technical Officer Operation of CNC Turn Mill Centre, Surface Grinding Machine, Wire EDM, Vertical Milling Centre, Ultra Precision Lathe with Laser Assisted Machining (LAM).

Design, Drawing and manufacturing of Precision moulds and components using CAD-CAM softwares like SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD, CAMWorks, CADMAcRO, DIFFSYS etc.

Operation of  NDT testing machine X-Ray Mico CT.

Mr. Ravindra Kumar Technical Assistant Operation and maintenance of high temperature controlled atmosphere furnace, chamber furnace, spark plasma sintering furnace, Vacuum Arc melting Furnace. Electrical maintenance.
Mr. Subhendu Bikas Mondal Technician-II Operation and maintenance of high temperature controlled atmosphere furnace, chamber furnace, spark plasma sintering furnace, hot isostatic pressure furnace. Specialisation in instrumentation.
Mr. Sanjiban Das Technician-II Ceramic powder preparation, slip casting and characterisation of ceramic samples.

Operation of Rheometer, particle size analyser and surface area analyser.

Mr. Naresh Kumar Oraon Technician-II Operation of Precision Surface Grinding and machining using computer aided CNC turning machine, and Abrasive water jet machining.
Mr. Subhankar Bera Technician-II Operation and maintenance of furnaces. Electrical parts maintenance.
Soumya Bit Technician (1) Expertise in machining & mechanical Testing.
Tamal Majumder Technician (1) Operation and maintenance of high temperature controlled atmosphere furnaces, spark plasma sintering furnace, hot isostatic pressure furnace and Vacuum Arc Melting furnace. Operation of Electrospinning, Rheometer, pH meter etc.



Name Designation

Project Title/code

Dr. Priyabrata Manna Senior Project Associate

Development of Hot-Iso-Statically Pressed Silicon Nitride Ceramic Balls: Technology for Hybrid Bearings of Aircraft Applications


Project code: SSP-0223 (CVRDE-DRDO)

Dr. Rajat Banerjee
Ms. Sumona Khanrah Project Associate-I

Development of Cf/SiC Ceramic Matrix Composites for Aircraft Brake-Disc Applications


Project code: HCP-0036 (CSIR Mission Mode)

Mr. S. Gangadharan
Mr. Ravi Kumar Project Associate-I

Development of Cf/SiC Matrix Composites for Aircraft Brake-Disc Applications


Project code: HCP-0036 (CSIR Mission Mode)



Mr. S. Gangadharan
Ms. Pritha Sanbigahi Project Associate-I

Development of High-Entropy Alloys Operable at Room Temperature for Hydrogen Storage

Project Code: HCP44(WP-3) (CSIR-H2T mission)

Dr. Soupitak Pal
Ms. Debjani Niyogi Project Associate-I

Development of RBSN-EM window

Project Code: MLP0206


Mr. Ajitesh Kar
Mr. Achintya Mondal



Ultra precision Ductile Mode Machining of Ultra Hard Ceramics for Advanced Technology Applications


Project code: GAP-0275 (SERB)


Dr. Yuvaraj Natarajan
Mr. Rohit Kumar Project Assistant

Development of Cf/SiC Matrix Composites for Aircraft Brake-Disc Applications


Project Code: HCP-0036 (CSIR)




Mr. S. Gangadharan


Summer Intern

Name Institute Session Supervisor
Ms. K Gowri Priya IIT Jammu, Jammu May, 2024 to July 2024 Dr. Swati Jha

Mr. Bisanka Kisor Ray


Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur


May 2024 to July 2024 Mrs. Soma Hansda


Dr. Milan Kanti Naskar,
Chief Scientist & Professor (AcSIR)
Head, Advanced Ceramics & Composites Division
Phone: (033) 23223516
Fax: +91-33-24730957
E-mail: milan@cgcri.res.in

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