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सीएसआईआर-केंद्रीय काँच एवं सिरामिक अनुसंधान संस्थान

CSIR-Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute


Priority List of Equipment under P-50 budget head for the FY2022-23


Priority list of equipment proposed under P-50 budget for 2022-23 from P-50 fund
Sl. No. Name of the equipment with major specification
1 DLP based 3D printer (3D printing of photopolymer resin using Digital Light Processing (DLP) technique for ceramic printing)
2 Projector
– Standard Throw Multimedia Projector with Full HD resolution
– With WiFi connectivity, Wireless screen share with optional LAN connectivity
– USB, HDMI; Brightness 3200 Lumens or more
3 Accessory for existing freeze dryer; Round shape dryer with shelf for drying of petridishes & test tubes in racks with suitable and compatible oil vacuum pump and adapters
4 Upgradation of existing Hot Isostatic Press (HIP)
– Control panel
– Furnace chamber
– Software
– Pressure line
– Safety features
5 Upgradation of existing Cold Isostatic Press (CIP)
– Control panel
– Pressure chamber and liquid
– Software
– High pressure line
– Safety features
6 60 Ampere Power Booster – 1 No      Suitable for  Zive MP5 Electrochemical SOFC-SOEC Benchmarking Workstation
Current range: ±60A
Voltage range: -1 to +8V
IPCE/Quantum Efficiency Measurement System
8 Thermoelectric properties measuring system  (for simultaneous measurement of seebeck coefficient and electrical resistivity)
9 Premier version server, Academic software, communicating wire and services for X-Ray Micro CT
10 Atmosphere controlled 1100°C Chamber Furnace with Vacuum Pump and water-chiller
Chamber Size (mm): 300 (W)x 300(D)x300 (H)
11 Electrometer/High Resistance Meter; 0.01 fA, 1000V
12 Muffle Furnace 13000C
13 Refrigerator 270 Litre
14 Desktop Computer with Printer for ICP-OES Instrument
15 Desktop Computer with Printer for AAS Instrument
16 Modified chemical vapour deposition set-up.
17 Large diameter Specialty Fiber Fusion Splicer
i. Silica Fiber Diameter -100-1200 micron
ii. Controlled uniform splicing through electrodes
iii. Fiber end view image
18 Micro-volume Analyte Concentration and Purity Analyzer , Sample Volume: 1 to 2 µL;  Measurement Time: < 5 sec
19 Bio-safety Cabinet (Class -II)
20 Automatic dip coating machine
PLC controlled dip coating machine for providing ultrafine membrane layer coating over ceramic/ceramic polymer composite membranes.
21 Automatic Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN) / Protein Estimation System:           Specification:  (i) Six Place 250 ml capacity Automatic Macro Block Digestion System, Temperature Control Range: Room temperature to 450 ° C, Temperature Accuracy : ± 0.5 ° C (ii) Three stage acid neutralization scrubber
22 Digital multimeter with service kit
23 Vacuum dessicator with pump
24 Weller digital soldering station with Soldering Rosin Paste and Tip cleaning wire and holder
25 Scroll pump (Pfeiffer pump) 12 m3/hr
26 Source Meter unit 2635B, low current, ± 200 V, single channel with triax cable and adptor
27 Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Set (power, time and temperature adjustable)
28 Semi-Micro Balance (min resolution 0.01 mg and  max  resolution 0.1mg and internal calibration)
29 Digital modular Spot welder Handheld machine (current, time adjustable)
30 Ultrasonic Cleaner (Capacity 5 Ltr)
31 New Audio-Visual conference system supported by MS link, Google meet etc. at MN Saha Auditorium.
32 New Audio-Visual conference system supported by MS link, Google meet etc. at Atma Ram committee Room.
33 New Audio-Visual conference system supported by MS link, Google meet etc.  at HK Mitra Committee Room.
34 New Audio-Visual conference system supported by MS link, Google meet etc. at Administration conference Room (near coa’s room) .
35 Projector. 4000 Lumen,  FHD — 2 no One for Guest House
36 Projector. 7000 Lumen, LASER — 1 no.
37 Microphone system. Table top Delegate unit – 2 nos ,   Table top chairman unit – 1 no , Lapel microphone set – 2 sets .
38 Conference Control and power supply unit.                                          Suitable with for CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System (with Digital Acoustic Feedback Suppression) — 1 no.
39 Loudspeaker 15 Watt small cabinet speaker — 3 nos.   2.0/2.1 speaker system with inbuilt amp -1 set.
40 Telephone set Integrated corded Telephone System with Speaker phone including  LCD Display , caller ID & redial memory — 50 sets
41 Desktop Computer Intel Core i5, 24″ ips monitor, 16 GB RAM, 1 tb HDD, 4 gb Graphics, Wired Key Board & mouse. Windows 10 operating system.    —- 4 nos.
42 Online UPS. 1 KVA without internal battery – 1 no.
43 Online UPS .  3 KVA without internal battery — 2 nos. 3 KVA with battery & rack & cables — 4 nos.
44 Blower   High flow rate , High speed  — 1 no.
45 Miliamp Process Clamp Meter with source and measuring facility                                                                                                                 Suitable for on-site testing. Handheld. Battery operated.
46 Soldering station Analogue Soldering Station , temperature controlled — 1 no.
47 Vacuum Cleaner Compact and lightweight Vacuum Cleaner , MultiClean nozzle — 1 no.
48 Power amplifier — 2nos.  One no. of  2 x 450 watts & another one of 1 x 480 watts
49 Pirani gauge
50 Magnetic roll separator, Permanent magnet, 8000 Gauss, belt width 600 mm
51 Floatation Cell/Unit, capacity up to 2 kg, SS304 make, hydraulic Impeller movemement, suitable air compressor, 4 different sized jar
52 Hot modulus of rupture, maximum operating temperature 1400oC
53 Ultasonic Pulse Velocity for flaw detector, Transducers
250 KHz
54 Particle Size Analyzer                                                                                 Liquid mode Based on laser diffraction 0.1-500 micron
55 Transformer with Dimmerstat for PCE and RUL furnace along with oil, copper cable, installation etc
56 Electric Furnace working temperature 1600 degree and size approx. 150mmX150mmX250mm
57 CCS machine of 5000 Tons capacity, with computer and necessary software
58  Apparatus for measurement of Bulk density by dipping in Mercury.
59 Motorized Apparatus for determining Atterberg’s Number
60 Digital pH meter
61 Water distillation unit – heating mantle with glass condenser and round bottom container with 10 liter capacity
62 Electronic top pan balance – 0 to 30 Kg, least count 1g
63 Apparatus for determining coefficient of friction by Pendulum test
64 Temperature Controllers for existing two number of electric furnaces – one each
65 Split ACs 2 ton capacity – 2 nos
66 Paper shredder
67 In-situ spectrometry accessories for Anton-Paar MCR502 Rheometer
68 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Human Machine Interface (HMI), interface cards and other accessories for Vacuum Hot Press
69 Accessories for Bruker make Optical Profilometer System (Model # ContourGT-K1) for Image acquisition, Display and Analysis
70 Vacuum Arc Melting Furnace
71 Bottom Loading Glass Melting Furnace 1800oC                               Heating Zone : 250 mm x 250 mm x 450 mm
Working Temperature : 1750oC (continuous soaking for 12 hours)
72 Chemical Storage Cabinate, Capacity 6116 L, Material SS316
73 Mould Carriage Fork Lift
74 Grazing angle Surface polarimeter with computer setup for data aqusition
75 Water Bath 800mmX600mmX800mm
76 Flatness Tester 600mmX600mm
77 Bulk Density Weight Balance 0.000 to 300g
78 Flask Shaker Cap: 16 Flask of 250/500ml
79 Micrometer slide Range 0-25mm,LC 0.001mm
80 Diltometer 1400°C
81 Green MOR Machine
82 Jigger jolly (02nos.)
83 Jet Erosion Machine
84 Shuttle Kiln (2X2X2) Feet cube Max. Temp. 1400 °C
85 Spectrophotometer (200 – 1000 nm)
86 Benchtop colorimeter
87 Router – 2 numbers. It is to be used for for the leased line link (NIC etc.)
88 High Voltage Unit with the Driver Board for Mini-Scanning Electron Microscope (Mini-SEM, SEC make Desktop SEM Model: SNE-3000MB)
89 Xenon Photo Electrochemcial Cell (XPEC)
90 Automated Battery Tester
91 Accessories for Clean Room
92 Vacuum Rapid Heating Pressing Furnace
93 High Bandwidth Pulser Receiver with multi-channel data acquisition system with software and Accessories
94 High Resolution X-Ray Diffractometer:
for powder and Thin Film analysis using
Bragg-Brentano and parallel Beam geometry.    No buy back
95 Thermal Cycling Furnace, Maximum operating temperature 1700oC, Two Different Temperature zone, Fully automatic
96 WD XRF with bead melting facility and other required accessories and calibration standards

Procurement Priority List for FY 2021-22

(as on 23/08/2021)

Sl No. List of Items
1 Graphite Filament Assembly, Diamond Cleave Blade, Dual Sided Fiber Holder Bottom And Top Insert, Recoat Material Low Index, High Performance Liquid Coolant (With Specific Parameters)
2 High Pressure Casting Machine with accessories
3 Ceramic 3D printer with accessories
4 Split type Tube Furnace.
Working temperature-1300degC
5 High temperature Hot stage microscope (HSM)
Working temperature 18000C
6 1200 Degree C Horizontal Tube Furnace
7 Polarimeter/bulk stress analyser system to measure residual stress/retardation and birefringence in the range ± 140 nm with accuracy of ± 0.01%
8 Carbon Coater for FESEM Sample Analysis
9 Modernisation of Audio-Visual system in MeghnadSaha Auditorium / Atma Ram Committee Room/ APC Roy Hall
(i) Flexible gooseneck unidirectional condenser microphone
(ii)Table microphone
(iii)Hand-held chord less microphone
(v) Laptop
10 Fusion Bead machine for Sample Preparation-XRF
11 Dry block calibrator (High Temperature Thermocouple calibration furnace) Range: 150 to 18000C
12 Shaker Table
13 Plasma Etching System
125W 13.56 MHz (HF) RF Power Supply & Auto Matching Network
Microprocessor/PLC control system
15 Tuneable laser
16 Tube furnace with Max working Temperature -1800oC
Vacuum-10-1 bar
17 High speed universal centrifuge (non refrigerated); Min. speed range: 100-8000 rpm; Minimum volume: 4 x 500 mL; Suitable rotor
18 High Pressure Homogeniser
19 3D filament extruder for 3D printing
20 FDM based 3D printer with high temperature capability to print high-performance polymer composites
21 CCS testing machine capacity 200 Ton
Max load – 200 Ton
Loading speed – as per IS1528
Sample size – Standard size refractory brick
22 MOE for refractory samples by sonic method
23 TG/DTA apparatus
Temperature range: RT to 1500°C
Along with instrument software and Indian accessories
24 Universal Gauge as per IS 13630 and ISO 10545,
1200X1200 mm size tiles with standard calibration plates, Computer, printer and software
25 250 KVA compact sub station
26 Fire extinguishers (refilling and new) CO2 type, ABC type
27 Touch Free Attendance System
28 Up gradation of committee room Laptop, cordless microphone, public address system, etc
29 Fume hood for chemical lab along with necessary masonry work and fittings.
30 Fast firing furnace – size150mmX150mmX300mm, heating rate 10 oC per min
31 Air Conditioner for XRD room, 2-ton capacity, (heavy duty industrial type), 5-star Inverter type
32 Photocopy machine
33 RTD equipment for ovens calibration
34 Konica Minolta make CRI illuminance metre.
Model No. CL-70F
Or equivalent
35 Spares TG DSC Carrier for Auto sampler STA 449 F3 Jupiter with Rh furnace & HTP40000A73.010-00 TG-DSC auto sample carrier
36 Consumables required for X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) a. Assembly Ionizer b. Charge Neutralizer c. Ion Gauge Filament Thoriridium d. Two gas regulators
37 Equipment: Rotary Vacuum Evaporator with pump and chiller unit
Spare part for: Inductively Coupled Plasma – Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS), Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-AES) and Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (FAAS)
38 Accessory parts of preform making MCVD set-up with ultra-low vapour delivery system
• PCB Assembly, FCS 10/Tube Computer
Part No: 907202-001
Part No: 106944-001
39 Tube diameter controller camera with updated software
40 Nitrogen MFC for soot box pressure control for Preform Fabrication in MCVD – Vapor phase Chelate Delivery technique
41 MFC Qualiflow
AFC 202D150SLM 202 C V EE 150 L 015 U-D
GAS: Oxygen
42 MFC Qualiflow
AFC 202D300SLM 202 C V EE 300 L 007 U-D
GAS: Hydrogen
43 Fischer Scope Nano-Indenter (model & make: H100X-Yp; Helmut Fischer, GmBH, Germany)
44 Hasitron make Tribo-Indenter (model & make: TI-700 Ubi, Hasitron, USA)
45 Excitation system
46 Micro GC 490
47 Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA) with supporting software
48 Frequency Resolved Optical Gating system (FROG)
49 Arc furnace for melting magnesite 25 kg capacity
50 Nano Perm Porometer
Measurement of Pore size:0.5~50 nm
51 Particle Size Analyzer
Liquid mode
Based on laser diffraction
0.2-500 micron
Along with instrument software and Indian accessories
52 Plasma spray accessories. Powder hoppers for different materials, plasma spray gun and spray booth
53 Accessory for existing freeze dryer; Round shape dryer with shelf for drying of petridishes & test tubes in racks with suitable and compatible oil vacuum pump and adapters( Powder hoppers, Plasma spray gun, Spray booth)
54 High power EDFA Test Bed up to  20.0 W output power:-
High power Optical Amplifier Test Bed
Model No: EDFA-CW-HP-C0-RS-43-43-FCA
Maximum output power: 20.0 W
Part Number of Broadband-Source of EDFA
55 Ion Chromatography Equipment with accessories
56 Laboratory Fume Hood (6 ft X2 ft X2 ft)
57 Flame Photometer
58 Laboratory and office Furniture
·         Centre table
·         Racks
·         Chairs
·         Cupboards
59 Video Conferencing system with Interactive Flat Panel
60 Audio system
·         Amplifier.
·         Speakers.
·         Cordless microphone.
·         Table microphone.
61 LED TV 32”
62 A.C. 1.5 Ton
63 Fridge 360 L
64 Centrifuge
65 UPS 5KVa (hybrid)
66 Weighing Balance
67 Sieve Set with Shaker
68 Digital Vernier Caliper
69 Sand Blasting Machine
70 Fire Extinguishers – CO2, ABC TYPE
71 Laptop
72 High Temp. Furnace Transformer
73 Silicon Carbide Heating Element
74 Trivac D65B Vacuum Pump along with Root Pump
75 UV/Ozone Clearning System with Digital Programmable Controller
76 Ultra Low Temperature Laboratory Deep Freezer
77 Load cell (100 N & 1 kN) with pneumatic grip and allied accessories for the Z100 Zwick/ Roell UTM system
78 Spares kit and hallo cathode lamps
79 DRC Power Supply
80 Absolute Ethanol (500 ml)
81 Acetone (2.5 L)
82 Hydrochloric Acid 37% (500 ml)
83 Silver Wire (0.25 mm dia [Prod Id: 12187])
84 Tissue Paper
85 Gloves Kimberkly powder free (size: M)
86 Filtration Flask (1000 ml)
87 HP Laser Jet CP1025 Cartridge (CE311A, CE312A, CE313A Black)
88 AMC for  Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrophotometer (ICP-AES)
89 AMC for Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS)
90 AMC for  Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission  Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS)
91 Reagents and Chemicals
92 Standard samples and standard solution
93 Laboratory glass wares and plastic wares
94 Argon, Acetylene, LPG gasses etc
95 Servicing of Hotplate, Eclectic Bunsen & Furnace
96 Diamond Paste for preparation of sample for Nano-indentation ( Grade: 0.25 mm, 1.0 mm, 3.0 mm, 6.0 mm, 9.0 mm – 50 g tube)
97 Diamond Spray for surface finishing for Nano-indentation analysis (Grade: 1mm, 3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm – 500 ml pack)
98 Struers Polishing Cloth for magnetic fixation on MD-Disc (Size: 200 mm)
99 Glycerol (Merck, purity: 98%, 500 ml)
100 Struers diamond Cutting Wheel a) dia: 125 mm x 0.5 mm thick and b) dia.100 mm x 0.5 mm thick
101 Struers Cutting Fluid (1000 ml)
102 Fused Silica Petri dish for testing of glass content (dia: 50 mm x 15 mm (rim))
103 Printer Toner (TN-118 for Bizhum 205i MFP)
104 Printer cartridge (HP2600N printer)
105 Refilling of Fire Extinguishers (S&TD)
106 88A Cartridges (Estt. Section)
107 12A Cartridges Flat Bed Scanner (Estt. Section)
108 Chord less Telephone (Estt. Section)


Priority List of Equipment for FY 2020-21

Sl No.  List of Items Indent No. Indent Date
1 SOFC-SOEC Benchmarking Test Station 281 08.02.2021
2 Spare parts of Nabertherm make controlled atomsphere furnace 292 09.02.2021
3 Electrochemical Workstation with in-situ Spectrometer 297 09.02.2021
4 Mach Zehnder Fiber  Interferometer with Piezo Fiber strecher and 50m delay fiber 311 10.02.2021
5 High-Tension Tank (300KV LAB6 CE) 327 12.02.2021
6 Impedance Analyzer (Frequency Range 10µHz to 32MHz) 288 09.02.2021
7 Simultaneous Thermal Analysis 339 17.02.2021
8 Fully automatic and computer controlled Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyser 347 10.02.2021
9 Newport Components for upgradation of existing FBG writing system 328 12.02.2021
10 Major spare parts of RIGAKU XRD (GIXRD), Model Smart Lab 9KW
11 AXIOS CPU Upgrade Kit Service Kit (for PANalytical AXIOS XRF Machine) 239 12.02.2021
12 X-ray Tube KFF-Ag-2K 316 11.02.2021
13 Xenon Light Source and Optical Power Meter
14 Trivac D65B Vacuum Pump alongwith Root Pump

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